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Thank you for informing me about the Winter Wellness Cleanse! I loss inches and pounds. All the recipes are great and very tasty!! I plan to continue the smoothies, vegetable dishes, and salads! I will start juicing as soon as I learn how to operate this juicer. I definitely would recommend your wellness cleanse to others. It’s crazy saying this but My body felt happy and refreshed taking in all the nutrients from natural fruits and vegetables. Thanks Again, I can’t wait for the spring cleanse!

~Adrian Settles, Md


kids classI am a mother of four, therefore having extra help in my kitchen at mealtime is essential. I signed myself and two of my daughters up for a package of 3 classes consisting of, “Raw Foods For Real Folks”, “Desserts that Don’t Hurt”, and “Are You Kidding?”, and it was without a doubt more than what I bargained for. I only expected to walk away with a few new recipes to serve my family, but instead, me and my children walked away with the knowledge of how to eat healthier, how to make better choices, and an overall confidence in the kitchen. Working with Sunny was absolutely delightful and refreshing. She made us feel comfortable and she constantly re-assured us that, changing our diet is completely obtainable. My daughters are now eager to assist me in the kitchen and even confident enough now to make their own healthy meals and snacks. Even though it is summertime, they have already started meal planning for their days back at school, and those after school snacks. Can’t wait for the next set of classes! Thanks Majeedah, you are an inspiration to us all. Loylita E. Maryland

“I was sure I would just grin and bare it when Majeedah  served us her signature Brussel Sprouts Bouquet, but I was extremely surprised by the taste of this dish and I now keep the recipe handy and am a Brussel sprouts lover! It’s amazing how she takes ordinary foods and transforms them into nutritious, gourmet meals. I plan to be a regular at the classes. Amina M, Maryland

I attended a vegan class with Sunny and I loved the food as well as the company! Jee-jee has a wonderful and upbeat personality. I loved the way she was able to combine the right ingredients and use the correct cooking methods to bring out the wonderful flavors in vegetables. Who would have thought I would love Brussels’ sprouts! As she demonstrates how to prepare the dishes she shares her wealth of knowledge about food and health. I was very excited to see that there was a whole new world of natural ingredients and ways to bring out the maximum nutritional benefits of food that I had never known before. Jee-jee will delight your with her wisdom and charm and direct you on how to best nourish your body.” G. Alamr, DC Metro

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