NT Cooking Classes

NT Cooking Classes

Nutrition Train offers cooking classes that are interactive, educational and fun! Offering a wide variety of cuisines and topics, you’re sure to find several classes that pique your interests and meets your needs. While classes are held at the Nutrition Train Central Station in Southern Maryland for groups of 5-12, we do offer cooking classes hosted in other areas.

Benefits of attending live cooking classes

  • You can taste the food! That way you don’t prepare something you don’t like.
  • You can see all the ingredients and equipment used. You can ask about where to purchase them locally and what brands are best.
  • You’ll be inspired to start creating your own recipes and gain confidence in the kitchen!
  • You can stop and ask questions about anything! You can’t do that with TV!
  • You save valuable time. After our cooking class, we provide all the recipes, no need surfing the net or flipping through cookbooks trying to duplicate what you saw.
  • You learn new cooking techniques, tips and tricks right in front of you. Don’t worry about poor quality online videos with limited angles, it’s live and in yo’ face baby!
  • Meet others who are learning, or even have some wisdom to share, interact with like-minded folks and build community around something positive! Healthy eating should be at the core of our family life.

Not local? If you live within 25 miles of Nutrition Train Central Station in Southern Maryland and would like to have the Conductor, Majeedah, come to your place and teach classes please inquire by clicking here or sending a message to info@nutritiontrain.org . The cost is free for the host and the fee can be split evenly amongst the participants of up to 10. For larger crowds I offer special rates, please inquire for details. Thank you and I look forward to entertaining and educating your group about the wonders of holistic nutrition.

Give the gift of cooking! How wonderful would it be for a new bride or a college student to feel confident enough to whip up healthy, nutritious meals for the start of a new chapter in life. Even people who just want to learn new techniques to be inspired and gain confidence in their culinary arena! I offer private, customized cooking, classes with a range of topics and skill levels. Please call or send a message for details and prices.

Here are a few classes with descriptions. To register for classes, you must RSVP and pay in advance to receive the location and confirmation of your attendance. It’s simple and easy! Also see our events page to see for class times and dates. Fees become non-refundable within 48 hours of the start class times.

It’s Grain Time Baby!-

A lively hands on class about buying, storing, cooking whole grains and the health benefits of incorporating them into your diet. We will cover brown rices, quinoa, barley, kasha, wheat berries, bulgur, and possibly a few others. Take home some great recipes and taste whole grains like never before! (Some gluten free recipes available.)

Fee: $25.00

Get Lean With Greens-

Dark leafy greens pack a powerhouse of nutritional benefit, yet they are one of the least consumed types of vegetables in our daily diets. Learn how to purchase, store and prepare various kinds of greens. From salads, soups and even snacks using greens, this class will inspire and excite you to indulge in them more often.

Fee: $25.00

Wrap it up! –

How to make sensational meals and appetizers through the use of ordinary foods using various types of wrappers, such as whole grain flat breads, pitas and tortillas. There will also be a brief intro to California style sushi making with Nori.

Fee: $25.00

Make It, Take It or Shake it!

If you’re always busy and find yourself compromising your nutrition for you or your family than come and learn some healthy tips, tricks and recipes for eating healthfully while on the go. The components of this class are packed full of knowledge for everyday challenges. Includes a special introduction on making meal replacements with healthy shakes and smoothies.

Fee: $30.00

Liars and Toxins and Scares, Oh My!

(If you didn’t catch that it’s like the Wizard of Oz: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!)

This eye opening class series has a prerequisite to view the various movies/ documentaries related to the topic being presented. The movie screenings are held at Nutrition Train Central Station. Following will be a brief discussion about its message and instructions on how to implement its teachings and lessons into your life. One of the feature films is Food Inc. After viewing we discuss how to recognize toxic food ingredients. How to shop smarter and safer and also how the long term consumption of food toxins can hurt you or already have.

Fee: $10.00

Vegan Vitality-

Ever wonder how its possible to survive and stay energized without the consumption of animals in any way. Let this class be your catalyst into a vibrant way of life and healing for not only our bodies, but also our planet. Discover some dishes and products that will surprise you and show you just how easy it is to maintain a vital state of health physically and worldly.

Fee: $30.00

Raw Food For Real Folks-

Ever tried to go raw vegan and fail miserably due to all the time consuming raw “gourmet” meals, or feeling sluggish and constantly hungry due to lack of knowledge and variety. This engaging class is brimming with honest advice and instruction for starting and maintaining a raw food lifestyle. You’ll see several seasonal dishes made and sample them. This is the motivation and support you’ve been looking for!

Fee: $35.00

Are You Kidding?!-

Learn essential skills for giving your children some much needed independence in the kitchen. When kids know how to safely prepare foods they love, it’s a huge time savings for parents and caregivers. This class welcomes kids and parents and is hands on. You and your child will be equipped with confidence and amazing techniques to stock your kitchen and make it inviting and easy to navigate for children to develop their skills to prepare foods that are easy, healthy and delicious.

Fee: $45.00

Desserts That Don’t Hurt –

If you love sweets but not the consequences that are associated with highly processed and fattening desserts, than this class will amaze you as we delve into dessert making. We’ll use decadent ingredients that are actually healthy for you and won’t leave you feeling guilty after indulging in a second serving. Plus basic instructions on proper plating and presentation to set whatever mood you desire. Tempting twists on some all-time favorites!

Fee: $30.00

The Asian Tour-

Learn to prepare and cook various dishes from countries throughout Asia. This class is fun and extremely informative. Once you know how to make some of your favorite restaurant dishes at home, you can easily avoid toxic food additives and also customize it to your own taste.

Fee: $30.00


I created this powerful diet combination using the principles of Macrobiotics with an infusion of various raw foods hence, Mac-Raw-Biotics (patent pending). This is one of my favorite healing diets and the principles are flexible and inviting to everyone from the casual cook to the more health conscious or even those who are healing their bodies from chronic illness.

Fee: $40.00

Beans, Beans- Good For Your Heart!-

Well, you know the rest of the saying! Actually, flatulence doesn’t have to plague you after every meal of good heart healthy beans. Come and learn about the proper buying, storing, preparing and cooking of beans. And how you can better digest and maximize their nutrient value. There’s a such a wide variety with so many uses from breakfast to dessert to enjoy with beans.

Fee: $25.00

There is Hope, But I’m So Broke!

You already know that a nutritious diet and active lifestyle are the main ingredients to sustainable wellness but what if you are financially challenged………. or just plain ‘ole broke! I address this issue and share secrets of how a mom of five hungry, active boys, living on one income survives and still enjoys the benefits of a whole foods diet. Shop smarter and learn to think outside the box. Featuring $10 and under meals demonstrated and sampled!

Fee: $25.00