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Nutrition Train Services


Nutrition Train is always headed in the right direction for your wellness destination. Check out our various programs to see which ones are right for you.

NT Four Seasons Cleanse Series

NT believes in the practice of seasonal cleansing of the body, mind and spirit throughout the year. Our cleanses are a gentle and effective way to rejuvenate and stay aligned with your natural environment. No starvation techniques here, only whole body maintenance year round! Take a look at our upcoming Clean and Clear Cleanse for Spring 2016!

Winter Wellness- Eating For Immunity | Spring Cleaning- Rebirth of Your New Body, Mind and Soul | Summer’s Bounty- Be Bold, Be Beautiful | Fall Into Fresh Living

NT Mind- Body 30 Day Detox Series

The Nutrition Train’s Signature “Clean and Clear Mind- Body Detox” is just the 30 day jump start you need to experience the benefits of clarity of the mind and nourishment of the body that leads to amazing vitality in all parts of your life. Get all the details here on the full page!

NT Express 90 Day DRS Journey (Detox Replenish Sustain)

Details coming soon….

Live Life Raw Experience VIP Day

Live Life Raw Experience

Nutrition Train invites you to Live Life Raw and escape the processes of life for a day. The Live Life Raw Experience (LLRE), focuses on four main elements that will transform you and provide a platform to start making lasting changes in your holistic health.

Check out the full page for details and enrollment here!

NT Cooking Classes

Nutrition Train offers cooking classes that are interactive, educational and fun! Offering a wide variety of cuisines and topics, you’re sure to find several classes that pique your interests and meet your needs. While classes are held at the Nutrition Train Central Station in Southern Maryland for groups of 5-12, we do offer cooking classes hosted in other areas and larger groups. Check out our Cooking Class page for more details!

Benefits of attending live cooking classes

  • You can taste the food! That way you don’t prepare something you don’t like.
  • You can see all the ingredients and equipment used. You can ask about where to purchase them locally and what brands are best.
  • You’ll be inspired to start creating your own recipes and gain confidence in the kitchen!
  • You can stop and ask questions about anything! You can’t do that with TV!
  • You save valuable time. After our cooking class, we provide all the recipes, no need surfing the net or flipping through cookbooks trying to duplicate what you saw.
  • You learn new cooking techniques, tips and tricks right in front of you. Don’t worry about poor quality online videos with limited angles, it’s live and in yo’ face baby!
  • Meet others who are learning, or even have some wisdom to share, interact with like-minded folks and build community around something positive! Healthy eating should be at the core of our family life.

Not local? If you live within 25 miles of Nutrition Train Central Station in Southern Maryland and would like to have the Conductor, Majeedah, come to your place and teach classes please inquire by clicking here or sending a message to info@nutritiontrain.org . The cost is free for the host and the fee can be split evenly amongst the participants of up to 10. For larger crowds I offer special rates, please inquire for details. Thank you and I look forward to entertaining and educating your group about the wonders of holistic nutrition.

Give the gift of cooking! How wonderful would it be for a new bride or a college student to feel confident enough to whip up healthy, nutritious meals for the start of a new chapter in life. Even people who just want to learn new techniques to be inspired and gain confidence in their culinary arena! I offer private, customized cooking, classes with a range of topics and skill levels. Please call or send a message for details and prices.


More classes to come!

Feel free to email me with suggestions and topics you would like to see covered in the classes! Your opinions and feedback matters! info@nutritiontrain.org