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Hike & Heal is a FREE group for women to explore new paths in the woods and in their wombs. At the halfway point in the hike we take a quick refresher break and Sunny Majeedah leads a discussion on various hormone balance,  pelvic health and self-care focused issues.

This is a non-judgemental and sacred zone for you to release, learn and connect with women on a similar healing journey as yours. You do not need to be an avid hiker or climber and you don’t need fancy equipment. All you need to bring is your authentic self and a love for learning about the mind, body, spirit connection for healing your body.

The trails vary from a leisurely stroll to intermediate abilities and distances and take place all over the DMV metro area. The dates are flexible and usually occur twice a month. One day during the week and the other day during a weekend afternoon to accommodate various schedules. Try to attend them both for deeper connection! All dates and locations will be posted soon and announced via our mailing list so be sure to join to stay in the know.

Mini-backpacks with water and healthy snacks are available for a nominal rental fee of $5 if desired.

Sign up here, so that I know to look for your pretty face when you join us. Its free, girlfriend!  http://bit.ly/Hike-Heal


More deets, Sweets!  Also known as Q&A

Q: Where will we meet for the hikes?

A: This years kick off hike will take place at Scott’s Run Nature Preserve in McClean, Va. I chose this location because it’s a beautiful introduction to hiking if you’ve never been or still a novice discovering new trails. The trails vary in distance and abilities but we are starting off nice and  easy with a few hills thrown in the mix though. I realize that might be far for some to travel, in fact it’s not really in my neck of the woods either. It’s so worth the  trip and there are a few unique treats along the trail, but I don’t want to spoil it.

I plan to spread out the locations throughout the DMV metro to accommodate all the ladies who join us. Feel free to suggest or even volunteer to lead us on a trail. So far other locations include:

Indian Head Rail Trail, Fort Washington Park, Point Lookout State Park, Cosca Regional Park, National Arboretum, Cedarville State Forest and of course a few trails in Great Falls, both MD and Va sides.

Q: Do I need fancy gear or have to be an Olympian?

A: Nope, neither. This is not rock climbing or rugged outback type stuff. To accommodate the groups various abilities I will not choose trails that are beyond intermediate fitness levels. Most trails are less than or about 2 miles. The only exception is the Billy Goat trail later in the season and you’ll be notified. I recommend that you wear sneakers with good treads that help with traction and not too worn down to avoid slipping. You do not need hiking boots if you don’t have them. You can bring a water bottle or camel-pack but you wont need a backpack or anything heavy duty. I can provide a lightweight backpack with water and simple, clean snacks to rent for $5. The point is not to have to hold your supplies in your hand.

Q: What topics will we discuss?

A: There are two ways we have our discussions. Sometimes I will introduce or teach a concept about self-care or integrative hormone balance. This could include, weight gain/ loss issues, menstrual cycle/ PMS issues, eating for healing your body, creating a personal routine for self-care, body image issues and self-love principles (great for teens too), infertility, sexual awareness and empowerment such as orgasms or lack thereof, sexual mentality in relationships, feminine hygiene, mothering mayhem and so much more! No topic is shameful or TMI- too much information. You’re a big girl now so you don’t have to leave the room or close your eyes anymore!

The other type of discussion is more like a sacred releasing circle. You’ll be welcomed to share any health challenges regarding women’s issues just to connect with others who may be experiencing a similar issue and perhaps bond and share resources. You can also share aha moments in your healing journey to support others. This is NOT a time to ask Sunny, me, for any personal counseling or coaching. I will not be diagnosing, treating or claiming to cure anything! The nature hike, sharing, releasing, and bonding are the healing tools that we will take advantage of. This is a voluntary bases only. You won’t be forced to share  anything at anytime. If you’re a wall-fly, then get your buzz on, Babes! haha

Remember, even though I am leading the group, I am your equal. Feel free to share your resources and wisdom from your experiences on your healing journey. I’m looking forward to learning and connecting just as much as you, Sista!

Q: How young can my teen girl be? Are the topics inappropriate for her?

A: There is no age limit or requirement.  The atmosphere is casual and we will make adjustment to our conversation according to whose present. You are among your sisters and I am a fair and nurturing moderator. I don’t feel like a girl is ever too young to learn about her body and hormonal health starts even before we get our periods. It’s all about communication in the group. We can easily refrain from  talking about sex positions and toys and shift the conversation to directly address any curiosity or even wisdom our younger girls want to share. Keep in mind that you’re to use your parental wisdom and speak up if you need to.  That brings up another question…

Q: I’m a nursing mom, can I bring my baby or younger children?

A: Only during the weekday hikes. I’ve reserved weekend hikes to accommodate those who would like to enjoy to hike without having to tend to kids. (I see you nodding your head… Yesss! I got you, Boo!)

During the weekday, feel free to bring your children, I might have a few of mine sometimes.


…I’m updating live now.. keep checking back often as I answer and post more questions coming in my inbox!


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