Do you feel too young to be going through the change? Perimenopause is how the body transitions into menopause and affects women from their 30’s to early 50’s. Don’t go through this crucial time in confusion and frustration. If you even reach menopause it’s a blessing, learn how to wear it well!

Your 30’s and 40’s are a time to walk gracefully in your powerful confidence and sexy femininity!


This is not your average women’s group with recycled, sugar coated, general information about women’s health. This is also not another “get skinny fast” dieting group. Here in this tribe of women, we discuss real feminine issues of the mind, body, spirit, and womb that are often neglected, underlying issues that show up in our lives in painful ways. You’ll learn about


  • What’s really causing your PMS and hot flashes

  • Why your emotions and moods go from one extreme to the other

  • Whats causing your period pain and irregularities

  • Why you can’t remember anything

  • Why you can’t lose weight around your belly and thighs

  • What your constant fatigue and sluggishness might stem from

  • What’s the reason why you can’t fall asleep or stay asleep at night

  • Why you’re becoming hairy in unsightly places

  • Where the heck your libido went

  • Why your body odors smell different or not so nice

  • What you can realistically eat without feeling deprived or going broke

And so much more! This is a Kumbaya gathering for all things related to your womb, the center of your being, your femininity. Hence, Wombaya. Here, we learn, share, listen, cook together, grow spiritually and heal our bodies from the inside out.


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The set-up is simple and powerful. The options are easy. Here’s how it works.


Wombaya is offered in 8 week sessions. The sessions include 7 weekly meetings with your tribe of women and 1 private session with Sunny Majeedah to discuss your most pressing issues. The meetings are 2 hours long and divided into 1 hour of group learning and discussion and 1 hour of cooking skills and implementation. All meetings take place at Nutrition Train Central Station (NTCS), unless you’re interested in gathering a tribe of women and hosting them at your place where Sunny Majeedah can do her thing.


There will be a weekly topic to learn and discuss as well as a weekly cooking skill and recipe demonstrated and taste tested.


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Peri primer title

We’ll start with some hormone basics and the Endocrine system. You won’t need to become a scientist but you will eventually learn that hormones are not just limited to menopause and that insulin is a major hormone and not just linked to diabetes. You’ll discover the 3 main hormones to keep in check. Perimenopause doesn’t get its fair share of awareness and educational literature and I want to change that. Estrogen dominance, Thyroid and Adrenal dysfunction, extreme PMS, mood disorders and the presence of ZenoEstrogenic hormones wreaking havoc on our bodies are issues that affect EVERY WOMAN in some way. Whether it’s you or you’re struggling to understand a woman dealing with them. We zoom in on a certain set of imbalances and help you build a menu of options that work just for you.


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BlackWomenCookingEating the Right Foods- Maybe you’re lost in the sea of trendy foods and diets constantly reminding you that what you already eat is killing you or making you fat and how you need to sprinkle their new powder onto it to look 25 again! I know you’re smarter than that though, I know that all you need is a deeper understanding of HOW what you eat affects you and that the right foods for the super-fit chic in the gym might not be the right foods for YOU! I base my nutrition teachings off of functional nutrition and bio-individuality. I’ll teach you what they are and how it works. Hint: If you don’t know about metabolic chaos, insulin resistance, naturally boosting immunity, inflammation and the gut-brain response, you’ll definitely want to join us! It’s incredibly fascinating and effective!




Coffee, stress, crash… repeat. Unfortunately this is the sad, exhausting cycle many modern women feel trapped in. Notice how there’s no mention of real food or restful sleep. We’ll learn to take control of this vicious cycle by naturally replenishing your energy so that you’re not dependent on caffeine or various drugs. The art of restorative napping and a restful night’s sleep is lost for most women. The term Adrenal fatigue is often misused and there are so many more factors and hormones at play. You’ll be introduced to the various phases and stages of restoring your vitality and time tested techniques and supplements that will add some pep in your step!




Don’t worry, we’ll discuss why you worry so much! To be more specific though, anxiety is not just about worrying. For some women, it’s debilitating, embarrassing, and even dangerous. It’s also vastly undiagnosed and overly medicated. These medications trigger other health issues that make you feel out of control and misunderstood by your peers and yourself. There’s hope, you’ll be empowered with knowledge of the inner workings and root causes of anxiety and depression and what other options exist to help you reclaim your authentic and spirited self.

They say that stroke is the silent killer of women, but I think that stress is what lays out the red carpet to strokes. High cortisol levels are directly related to premature aging, weight gain, insomnia and hypertension to name a few. Our bodies are hard wired to respond to stress but you shouldn’t live life in a constant state of fight or flight!


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PELVIC ISSUES- All the scientific acronyms and 12 letter conditions sounds so complicated and scary. But when our mama mechanics are malfunctioning, it can leave us with body aches, heart aches and headaches. There are a few underlying factors or precursors to issues such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Period pain, irregular and heavy flow, and infertility that can be healed without invasive , aggressive and unnatural methods and we’ll talk about it! You’ll have time to share your experience and wisdom with your tribe and gain insight on healing your womb.




Sexual awareness/ empowerment- We all know HOW to do the do! And who you do it with is up to you, so that’s not the center of discussion here. But what about the maintenance of sex? All of the idiosyncrasies and issues that arise so that you actually enjoy it to the fullest. What about when you don’t wanna have sex at all, like ever again, or when it’s painful , or when you hate your body and feel so unsexy? What if you and your partner have different preferences and desires? Wanna know some words associated with all that? Guilt, insecurities, shame, separation, resentment to name a few. Wanna know the right words and the right way to fix all that? Join and find your Wombaya Tribe today!




Intuitive Movement- I’m about to give you permission to take that waist cincher and sweaty plastic bag OFF girl! Go ahead and breathe easy in the fact that not all exercise programs work for every body and that some even cause more harm than good. I won’t be selling the latest fitness DVD or, telling you how many pounds to lift or how many squats to do, that’s up to you. What we will talk about is the relationship of what and when you eat determines how effective your source of movement will be for you. We’ll also emphasize something that even the fitness pros overlook in nearly EVERY workout program, no matter how much experience they have. Intuitive and sensible movement is the only type that you’ll actually stick with.


Self-care is not limited to just one week of the session.

Instead, self-care practices are infused into each topic because it’s an ongoing practice throughout our lives.




Cooking component includes practical and sensible recipes to suit your busy lifestyle but with self-care in mind. The second half of the meeting focuses on putting your nutrition knowledge taught in the lessons into practice. I don’t believe in just handing out fancy recipes and pretty pictures. What’s the use if you don’t know how to prepare them or what they taste like! You’ll get up close, hands- on experience with various cooking tools, nutritious ingredients and time saving techniques from Sunny Majeedah, a junk food slayer, breakfast smoothie playaaah! SWISH!

two_young_women_cookingAll recipes are developed with hormone balance in mind and can be easily adjusted to meet various dietary requirements. If weight loss is one of your goals, then these recipes will certainly aide in that as well! Topics include:

  • Breakfasts For the Busy Bodies

  • Lunches on the Go

  • Sexy Snacking

  • Dinner Differences

  • Eating Out Without Doubt

  • Desserts That Don’t Hurt

  • Smart Smoothies


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By the end of your 8 week session you will have:

  • a clear understanding about perimenopause and hormonal imbalances

  • learn how to prepare nourishing meals and drinks

  • learned the basics and beyond about your endocrine system and hormones

  • be more aware of your bodies telltale signs and symptoms of imbalances

  • learn how to reduce pain and inflammation

  • implement powerful self-care strategies

  • develop bonds of sisterhood and support

  • have a defined action plan for your fitness

  • feel more confident and sexy in your body

  • understand sex and sensuality in a holistic, healthy way

  • be conscious and more in control of your pelvic health issues such as PCOS, Endometriosis, estrogen dominance and others.

  • a practical and meditative method of stress management

…and so much more. You deserve this. You need to treat yourself and empower yourself!



Here’s what you get for your investment:


  • Top notch coaching and guidance from an experienced functional nutrition and women’s health coach

  • 8 weeks of accountability and group support with like-minded women

  • 7 hands on cooking instruction and tasting classes

  • Resources, guides and recipes to help you retain and implement what you learn

  • One- on- one coaching session with Sunny Majeedah

  • Discounts on other Nutrition Train events and classes

  • Access to an exclusive online group where Sunny post videos, recipes and answers your questions!


Group session dates and times begin July 24, and July 27, 2016

Group A: Wednesdays @ 6-8 pm

Group B: Sundays @ 4-6 pm



Payment Note: Even if you do not have a Paypal account you can still checkout with other types of payment cards. Thank you so much for your support!



Have any questions? I’m just an email or phone call away to answer them, Beautiful.

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