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Nutrition Train invites you to Live Life Raw and escape the rush and routines of life for a day. The Live Life Raw Experience (LLRE), focuses on four main elements that will transform you and provide a platform to start making lasting changes on your holistic health journey.

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Imagine a whole day without processed foods that make you lethargic, forgetful, bloated and even more uncomfortable in your body. Instead, you experience what it’s like to eat wholesome, living, nourishing foods that give you energy, focus, a feeling of satisfaction and leave you free of guilt or regret. What would it be like to not have to depend on overly processed and pre-made food or feel stumped when you go to the produce section? Our food choices and cooking techniques are often times a reflection of how far away we have gotten from a natural life. Many of our children don’t even have a taste for real fruits and veggies because they prefer them from a can, jar or package that’s laden with other processed ingredients. The microwave oven is standard in nearly every household and has shelves and shelves of dedicated food items just for its use. Have you ever wanted to return to a more unprocessed or natural, plant based diet and a way to prepare foods for your family and yourself but didn’t know where to start? Would you like to taste the sweetness of pure, fresh, life giving foods and learn to prepare them yourself in the company of other women on the same journey?




When you look in the mirror, do you love, absolutely love and adore your features WITHOUT the use of harsh chemicals? Would you know how to, first, discover your beauty from within and then adorn your face and body with only natural elements that protect, preserve and promote healing, confidence and grace? Free yourself from the process of applying chemical cocktails that rob you of your unique glow and the money in your wallet. Together we will explore the sensuality and radiance in your body from the inside out and discover the true birthplace and essence of beauty.

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What does YOUR primal voice sound like? What are the thoughts in your head, the instinctual words you want to blurt out but society prohibits you from expressing. We live in a socially processed environment where political correctness, celebrity characteristics and jargon, and reality TV personalities reign. Expectations from our workplace and schooling environment and even our immediate and extended family’s opinions try to dictate to us what we should feel and how we should act. Rarely are we encouraged to listen to our very own voices of reason, our internal wounds that need to be healed, our moments of “Damn, I wish I would have said something”. Learn the art of emotional detox and how to express your higher self….yes, even without the social media audience you might be used to.




If the words natural environment bring to mind scenes of far off lands and pristine reservations that you’ll probably never get to visit and enjoy than we’d like to introduce you to the idea of creating your own natural environment. In fact, it’s the most effective way of impacting the world wide deterioration of our planet. Learn how to step away from scenting your home with an aerosol can and stepping into your personal garden where you grow the plants and flowers that will do it naturally, even if it’s just a small urban oasis. Learn to identify the lesser known toxins that could be the underlying cause for your lack of energy, allergies, and inability to sleep soundly. Give yourself a chance to escape a highly processed form of cleanliness and discover a natural home environment that lightens your carbon footprint.


I’m sure you’re wondering where you can live life raw for a day and experience it for yourself, and you should! The Live Life Raw experience takes place at Nutrition Train Central Station in Southern Maryland. You and a small tribe of like minded women will indulge in the following:

Raw Food Features

  • Learn to prepare raw foods and discover their healing and medicinal qualities by a certified Raw Food Educator so that you can reclaim your health on your terms.

  • Boost your immunity, detox and alkalize your body, increase your metabolism and digestion, naturally lift your mood and energy with easy gourmet recipes and juices.

  • All raw vegan meals will be provided and shared amongst your tribal companions for the day.

  • Learn tips and tricks and get sensible advice about making the transition or maintaining your raw healing diet. See, touch and use common equipment and tools for eating raw.

  • Discover the most effective and efficient ways to save money and time when adopting a raw vegan lifestyle. Go even deeper in the Raw Living Cleanse!

Raw Beauty Features

  • Learn natural body and skin care routines to avoid the harmful effects of the typical, chemically laden products.

  • Uncover what causes hair loss or thinning, premature aging, fluctuations in skin tone and many more challenges that hinder your true radiance from shining bright.

  • Play dress-up and feel the comforting effects of natural fibers and traditional methods of beautification. Every woman will be adorned by her tribal sisters in pure natural linens.

  • Simply learn to love your body on a deep level and redefine your relationship with food.

  • Discover the center of true beauty from within and the self -love and self-care principles to maintain your inner and outer beauty.


Raw Expression Features

  • Learn how to naturally reduce stress and increase focus throughout the day so that you stay on task and on time!

  • Experience the sensation of human grounding and learn about its benefits to the body and mind.

  • Beautifully transition through a series of meditative breathing, intuitive movement and vocal expression exercises with your tribe that unleashes your inner wisdom, confidence and your authentic spirit.

  • Enhance your personal circle by sharing this experience and getting to know like minded women who already live a natural life or will be forever inspired to do so.

  • Make lasting bonds and friendships that will extend your support even after the LLRE.


Raw Environment Features


  • Learn how to save money and protect your home environment from various toxins, by either making your own or supporting alternative/ natural product organizations and movements.

  • Increase your environmental awareness and learn to take responsibility to improve the health of our planet by starting with yourself and then inspiring others around you.

  • Take a break from EMF (electro magnetic field) exposure.

  • There will be no WiFi, internet, cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, TV’s or any other devices that distract the mind and spirit from being fully engaged in the learning process. (don’t worry, your family will be able to reach you in an emergency)

  • The main reason why this event is not held in a luxurious resort or beach side hotel is because most of us don’t call those places home. We go on vacations and then we return home with the notion that those settings are not for us on a regular basis, or that we can’t reproduce such a relaxing atmosphere. But in the LLRE, you’ll get to see a real life example of a modern, natural home that will inspire you to reproduce it for yourself without becoming overwhelmed. You’ll be surprised by what you see!


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LLR is a powerful experience for the mind, body and spirit that puts the holistic health of women first. When you invest in this experience, it’s a lasting investment in your health that makes a bold statement that says, you are worthy. How you treat yourself impacts how others treat or mistreat you. Once you discover how amazing this transformation is, only then will you know that it’s priceless.

As your tribal leader for the day, I promise to inspire and stretch you to new heights in your healing journey. I will share my wisdom of the healing arts of gentle detox by using food as medicine for the body and spirit. I believe strongly in illuminating that special spark in women and building bonds that empower our gender worldwide. So I invite you to invest in yourself or even sponsor another women who you feel would benefit from this amazing experience.

  • Valued at $297 Early Bird special $147 (must register before July 13 for the first session and then 10 days before the beginning of the following sessions to get the discount)

  • 20% discount on the Live Life Raw 7-day cleanse!

  • LLRE will be hosted at Nutrition Train Central Station in Southern Maryland (please inquire for exact location). LLRE has a maximum of 10 participants per day to keep a warm and intimate atmosphere. The day begins at 9:30 am and ends 4:30 pm. Program dates are as follows and groups fill up quickly:

  • Dates for Summer 2016: Saturday, July 23, August 6, August 20.

    To make a deposit or get group rates, please inquire for details: or call 240-427-5247 or fill out the form on the NT Contact page. Thank you and I look forward to our experience together!


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Check out our LLRE Teaser video ad. Can you feel the energy!

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