Meet The Conductor


My elevator speech or the short version! (smile)

I teach women’s integrative hormonal health through sensible and practical nutrition, cooking skills,  self-care and stress reduction. I make it interesting by addressing feminine sexual education, empowerment and awareness so that you can heal your body, lose weight and live the best version of your life possible. Fore more details about my background, education and why I’m the perfect addition to your arsenal of  healing tools, keep reading!


The longer version, now that I’ve captured your interest! (giggle)

Maybe you’re wondering who I am and where I came from?

Well to start, I’m Sunny Majeedah! Pronounced like its spelled, Muh-jee-duh and it means glorious.  After growing up in Maryland, getting married, traveling and living abroad, having a brood of boys, homeschooling, becoming a Holistic Nutrition Coach, poet, author and home cook extraordinaire………. I decided to become a Conductor! Ha- and you know what? When I was a kid I never once said that I wanted to grow up and be a conductor. But yes, here I am, doing what I love and conducting the Nutrition Train, where I train the minds and bodies of women and their families in nutrition and hormone balance. In fact, NT is just a fancy way for me to stay on my toes and share my journey and passion of healing my body, balancing my hormones, sharing my creativity, engaging with my community and inspiring those around me to make their well-being a priority.

Oh I get it, you’re still reading because you wanna know more….. like, “big deal -she’s a conductor”! How did she learn to become a conductor?

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Well if you must know, in order to conduct the Nutrition Train, I had to beef (grass fed)- up my knowledge of nutrition and dietary theory. So first I went to Bennett College and majored in Dietetics and Nutrition. At the time, the standard college dietary teaching was basically a  thick government issued brochure with an ad from all the major food corporations. The aim was to teach us students how to teach people to eat the SAD (Standard American Diet) and follow the food pyramid. They never taught us anything about looking beyond what’s on your plate or what else is going on in your life that might be making you sick.


IINbadgeIn fact, that in itself made me sick, so I left! I wanted more of the type of stuff my own Mama used to say. Like, “Saving a person’s life, is giving them living food”. Then she’d take me to a supermarket and we’d sample every single item from the salad bar and when we were done, she’d ask,” Are you even still hungry baby?”. “Nope”, I’d say with a huge grin and wink my eye. Mom and I were poor but the lessons she taught me were rich and who wouldn’t want to saturate their minds with that!


As an adult, I now pay for all my salads and I went on to study at various institutes and knowledge circles including the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became board certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I met lots of other crunchy granola type holistic healers and heard about Mr. Marc David. He’s the founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and that’s where I strengthened my skills in counseling women who struggle with eating disorders, chronic dieting, body image issues, obesity and stress management.


IPEbadgeI knew that although I had a firm grasp on educating people about nutrition, there was no way I could turn it into a business without guidance and the proper training. Just because I knew how to take care of my body, didn’t mean I automatically knew how to coach other women. It’s just like how Americans speak English, but less than 5% can actually teach it to others! I joined the ranks of other holistic practitioners and studied under Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters, Co-founders of Holistic MBA where they train health coaches and other alternative healers in business marketing and transformational healing arts. I then completely rounded off my marketing and business savvy by studying under Marie Forleo in B-School


bschool.jpegbI am and always will be a geek and passionate about furthering my education so I also geeked out with a select group of holistic practitioners and studied digestive wellness intensively under Andrea Nakayama of Replenish PDX, Holistic Nutrition Lab.


HNLbadgeI’ve dabbled a bit in the culinary arts while studying with Northwest Culinary Academy and found out quickly that it wasn’t really cooking that I wanted to specialize in. Rather it was the exact opposite and I loved most of the food right out of the ground or off the tree. I gradually became more interested in vegan and raw food, not only because of how wonderfully versatile and easy it is but also how amazing it is for detoxing and healing the body. So, you know what I’m gonna say next right? Yup, I went to school for that too!


RFIbadgeI studied at the Raw Food Institute in D.C. under the amazing Lisa Wilson and became a certified Raw Food Educator. When you’re in an environment filled with colon hydro therapists, hypobaric oxygen chambers, chelation machines and breast thermography cameras, while eating 100% raw and doing 2 enemas a day, you develop a whole different mentality about alternative medicine. Basically there is no alternative but to heal yourself with wholesome foods and lifestyle changes, because the other options are quite scary and, in my opinion, sometimes irresponsible.


Speaking of breast thermograms, which is a highly effective, less invasive, pain free alternative to mammograms, that is exactly how I shifted my focus from general nutrition to women’s hormonal health and self care. In 2012 I discovered a lump in my breast and through a thermogram it was determined that it was not cancer but a clogged milk duct from all my years of breastfeeding (10 to be exact) and weening my last son abruptly.


I was grateful to hear that but not too happy to be diagnosed with estrogen dominance according to the testing. I had no idea what it was but I was informed that it’s a precursor to many types of female hormonal imbalances and certain types of cancers. Being the optimist that I am, I set out to figure out how to heal my body and balance my hormones. Once again, more schooling!


I knew I wanted to take an integrative or holistic approach and truly understand the root causes and not just treat my symptoms. I became fascinated with the complexities of the endocrine system and how it was responsible for so many “everyday issues” we as women complain about but feel helpless or hopeless in its remedies. Things like brain-fog, mood swings, constant low energy and caffeine dependency, low libido, hair thinning or hair loss, monster PMS, bloating,  anxiety, and the inability to lose weight despite our best efforts.


THCbadgeSo I enrolled in a detox with Dr. Sara Gottfried, whose a Harvard trained doctor who decided to take an integrative approach to hormonal imbalances instead of just putting her thousands of female patients on some kind of prescription pill or hormone replacement. For the first time I realized the depth and power of nourishing the body in dynamic ways for specific effects and changes. I was hooked and decided to study intensively under her and ultimately became certified to teach her internationally recognized, Hormone Cure Protocol.


IWHI_CircleGold_LoResI still needed more practical knowledge of the inner workings of women’s anatomy and specific health issues so I recently Graduated (June 2016) from the Integrative Women’s Pelvic Health Institute.  I’m currently studying under Reed Davis to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner (God-willing!). Then, I’ll be able to do functional lab testing and evaluation to eliminate the guesswork and get to the root of your health challenges.


FDNLogoSquareSo there you have it, I’ve done the name dropping and association routine and my name has a lot of initials after it. The most important initials I like to use are, IKMS (I Know My Stuff)!


What kind of diet and lifestyle do you practice for yourself?


biopicappleAlthough I do focus on eating for hormone balance, I like to refer to myself as a nutritarian. Meaning, I try to take in a variety of foods that will be the best sources of nutrients that my body needs. For quite a while I was vegetarian, then went vegan or beegan. Later on I really saw the beauty and wisdom of bio-individuality, that no two people have the exact same requirements for nutrition and no one dietary theory works for everyone. I actually did just fine doing the vegan thing and brought my husband on board as well, but it was my children that made me switch gears in the way we all ate in my household. To make things easier on us all I chose to focus on organic, seasonal, local when possible, whole foods, humanely raised/ fed livestock and sustainable wild-caught sea foods. I don’t consume too much gluten and very few grains.

I pay very close attention to our food sources and now we eat a mostly plant based diet year round. I do love seasonal cleansing with raw foods especially during the summer months. I practice intuitive movement, yoga and racing the local neighborhood kids (mostly to talk trash and relive my high school glory days as a track and field star).


Now you want to know what kind of passengers ride the Nutrition Train and if you should get on board too?


Well back in my young’un conductor days, I set out on a journey down the tracks to save the world. Everybody from a woman who wanted to gain weight to become a pro wrestler, all the way to babies with peanut allergies. Yes indeed, the old N-Train was all over the place!


passengersNowadays, I realize where my true specialization lies. I love helping women understand and heal their pelvic pain and reproductive ailments such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids. I gently guide them to stress reduction, less anxiety and more self-love and care. The benefits are massive and even include higher energy, increased mental focus, clearer skin and a renewed sense of sexual and sensual awareness.  I’m pretty good at nourishing and staying in tune with my body’s hormonal landscape. I make sure to implement self care so that I can maintain my health, sanity and awesomeness as a wife, mother and entrepreneur without living a life of confusion, stress, anxiety and doubt. If you want that too, than the Nutrition Train is for you girlfriend so G _ _   O _   B _ _ _ _! Oh c’mon you were supposed to know the tagline by now! …. Get On Board!


My passengers come from all different parts of the world too, since I counsel them locally and over skype or the phone. You don’t already have to be a health nut, or skinny or rich or even love okra (YUCK) to get on board. All you need is the willingness to learn, try new things and brace yourself for major breakthroughs in your health. Now don’t get me wrong, knowing a little something about health and having a little pocket change is a plus+!


Where can you get on board?


Well you’ve reached our web station already if you’re reading this page. But the Nutrition Train Central Station is located in Southern Maryland. That’s where we offer live cooking classes, group counseling & cleanses, seminars and our live VIP retreat days.


Now that you know the nitty gritty, and hopefully feel more confident about working with me, you wanna know how to reach me so you can invest in your health and get on a fast track to your wellness destination. So book a Wellness Destination Session with me right here and we can talk!

Heck, we might even have something in common right? Don’t forget to get your free 7 day boarding pass where you can get a glimpse of what it’s like to get on board. My emails are short and sweet yet informative and the videos are chock full of yummy, healthy recipes and me having a good time, cuttin’ up (no pun intended)!