About Nutrition Train

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The Nutrition Trains mission is quite simply to educate people about the importance of having a great relationship with food that nourishes the body, mind and spirit. After the proper knowledge comes action, so Nutrition Train offers the tools to engage and implement those teachings through the simple acts of cooking, eating, cleansing, smiling and being active!

More specifically, is our aim to focus on the prevention, management and healing of chronic illnesses and dis-ease in an alternative or holistic sense. To bring to light and embrace the whole person, not just their symptoms or diagnoses. To help them understand that all is not lost and that support, encouragement, empowerment and resources are readily available for them  to reclaim and maintain their health.

I have a personal history with cancer. It has taken the lives of both my parents, both my grandparents and several other extended family members and friends. It is something I used to be afraid of and misunderstood. Upon hearing of a persons diagnoses of it, I used to  believe there was nothing to be done except seeking conventional treatments that commonly decrease the quality of life or even end a life. That doctors automatically had exclusive rights to make decisions for you. That you just had to take your chances and brave through the toxic storm of chemotherapy, radiation, gruesome surgeries, emotional anguish and social disconnection.

Now I know that is so far from the truth and that there are so many more options. In fact, cancer has a bitter sweet way of waking people up from unconscious lifestyle habits.  With all the cancer groups and fundraisers that offer community around the idea of being a “survivor” after nearly sacrificing the quality of your life and health through toxic conventional treatment, I want to also offer community and give you another look at the idea of hope and survival. For those who seek to avoid just handing over their health to someone else and becoming responsible enough to make their own intelligent and informed decisions about treatment and lifestyle changes, than it is a major part of the Nutrition Train mission to  help you do just that. Live the rest of your life intelligently, authentically, happily and nourished completely.

Our programs and resources are always upbeat and positive. We are not here to point the finger or scold anyone for the choices they’ve made in life or the circumstances they have dealt with. We aim to unify all those who step on board this community with the mutual exchange of love and respect for the human race, the animals and natural resources of our beautiful planet.


I’m passionate about sharing and teaching others what I’m learning and how I live eating wholesome, delicious food, that’s actually healthy for you. I have a vision of traveling a path to feeling amazing and vibrant in a holistic sense. Taking into account not just what I eat but how I’m nourished in other ways, such as my physical activities, my relationships with friends and family, my spirituality and my life’s purpose. In my vision I want to go to different places in my journey to balanced health, I call these my wellness destinations. Along the different tracks I take, I have to make stops at various stations to explore and implement healthy habits and changes in my diet and lifestyle. The journey so far has been amazing, revealing and unforgettable. This is essentially what became Nutrition Train, and I want to take you along this ride of a lifetime to create a high level of healing, health and happiness.